Meanigs of the logo for

''Enviro-sustainable materials science lab''




Plastic balls.

The pattern on the surface at the right sphere exhibits coating by cellulose nanofibrils.
3 color:

Mixing and Fusion of Physiology, Chemistory, and Biology

3 color patterned sphere blown out:

Guradually larger, Up-cycling

Left grape pattern:

Previous our studies were once gathered, and the fabricates new things.

Totally whole image:

Novel recycling system should be heart for the sustainable society.


The iImage in the sentence:

Futaba (feathers) sprouting from a plastic ball
White balls and cylinder:

A cellulose fiber were secreted from cellulose synthase (Terminal complex)
Front side blue ball :

Earth, with revolving around the sun.
3 dimentional image:

3-D structure is Key of our study

Designed by Y. T. and T. K.